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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in the back seat. reporter: they have charged curtis for debt with the murder of rigney russell. you will only see it on wlwt. today, the prosecutor filed several charges against him including one count of aggravated murder, one count of murder, and two counts of felony assault and child endangerment. britney russell was found shot to death inside her car last month. her baby girl was also found unharmed with the heat running. burdett is being held and the next case is going to the grand jury. reporting live from middletown,
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mike: now to the two students charged in the connection of monday' s school shooting. sheree: investigators say they both knew he had a gun at school but never reported it. she joins us now. reporter: both boys are 14 years old. they also will have to face a judge. >> it was tough for everybody. >> students have been charged with crimes connected to monday' s shooting. >> these individuals seeing this weapon and did not report that there was a weapon. reporter: they were charged with failure to report a crime. a misdemeanor. >> you know it' s not the right thing.
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>> i think they should have told about the gun and it might' ve stopped the incident in itself. that boy wouldn' t be where he' s at right now. and then people would not have been hurt like they were. reporter: two kids were shot in the madison school cafeteria monday. the sheriff says hancock showed two other teens begun earlier this week. the sheriff declined to comment on a motive. >> as we speak today, this is it. >> i learn even more about the
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they identified hancock as the gunman. for knives, a bb gun, a notebook, and electronics from his home. sheree: thanks for the update. this week, for other students were charged with crimes. to edgewood students and a 14-year-old were charged with making terroristic threats. knives disguises credit cards to the school. mike: the police department
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they were pronounced dead at the scene along u.s. 27. the driver of the second car crossing the center line. hensley was just a matter of miles from her family' s home. sheree: answers are not coming easy. her family is now speaking out in her defense. >> it was stolen from in front
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they walk to write to the front door. the attorney indicated that all of this might be some sort of misunderstanding. >> is the child safe now? >> first and foremost is the safety of the child. >> he allowed her to be released without bond as long as she' s wearing an ankle monitor. sheree:
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from jail and is ordered to wear an ankle monitor. mike: in portland kentucky man charged with stealing guns from cabela' s in westchester. ricky barrett faces two counts of felony theft. he stole two rifles and a shotgun from the store back in december. investigators say the same man stole one gun a day for three straight days. there are held on unrelated charges. showdown in motown adding new nastiness to the presidential race . sides. >> don' t worry about it, marco. this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> he' s trying to con people into giving them their vote just t people into giving >> we will' -- spend the
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the republican nominee facing a fraud trial. mike: talking about the failed business dealings like the defunct trump university that has landed him as a defendant in a class-action lawsuit. he will stay in the race. sheree: john london is here in the aftermath of last night' s debate. reporter: there is a new poll that shows better numbers for kasich. that he is betting the bank on the buckeye state. he said fasten your seatbelt that donald trump will not be the debate. donald trump used his hands to indicate the size of something
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dignity has gone mia. >> what would ronald reagan say? s governor poll numbers. m not out there calling people names. as a result, i don' t go on to know me. reporter: kasich is one of four out of the original 17 and the only governor left standing. >> it still possible the nice guy finishes last and it is probable. but if you try to be someone he wasn' t, he would also be finishing last. his best shot is to be who he is. reporter: sean comber holds forums and sees attention at any cost right now.
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reporter: week. >> i want the people of our -- we are truly the little engine that can. reporter: john kasich saying that he will continue to do it his way to raise the bar as best he can. a runner-up in ohio won' t cut it. sheree: one thing none of the candidates have talked about is the caucus in kentucky. voting goes from 10:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon. there are 40 six delegates up for grabs in kentucky. we' ll take a closer look at how the caucuses work, exactly. mike: anybody out there like bobbleheads?
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celebrating the collecting phenomenon with more than 500 bobbleheads dating back to the 1960' s. sheree: and i found on the property once owned by o.j. simpson. >> just recently we discovered he had it. we have now recovered it in the last month. >> wait until you hear who had the knife. a possible new clue in the double murder case. >> it had a two-year-old calling for police. you don' t want to miss this story coming up next. kevin: clouds across the area this afternoon and sunshine in the forecast this weekend and
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most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to...other bun. s the key. harmony of a deliciously different s double. sheree: a new twist in the
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los angeles police are investigating and testing a knife that was reportedly recovered at oj' s former home. mike: an embarrassing thing for the lapd. the cop claims he was working off duty on a movie shoot when a construction worker gave him that knife. he says he founded on simpson' s property. >> we need to determine if it is evidence and if it is not, how do we prove it isn' t. mike: a jury acquitted simpson on all charges back in 1995. the murder weapon had never been found and investigators are treating this discovery with skepticism. he cannot be retried for the murders of nicole brown system and ronald goldman. o.j. simpson currently in prison
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sheree: a two-year-old little girl needed help getting dressed for the day. so she dialed 911. the deputies did not seem to mind. >> olea is singing and laughing now. after the deputy responded to a call for help. >> her grandfather answers the door and she comes running up to the front. >> the deputy and her partner show up after this 911 call. >> greenville county 911. >> the grandfather was watching her and had no idea she had called anyone. >> she wanted help with her shoes and to hug her and hold her. it made my day.
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>> the fact her daughter knew had a dial 911 is a surprise. >> i didn' t know that she really knew. >> and though she made a call for help, the responding officer is thankful she made a new friend out of the accident. >> to have a little girl running up to the front door and asked me to help her put on the pants is the highlight of my day. >> it is awfully sweet. sheree: these officers are just refreshed when they can make a girl' s day. >> snow on thursday, ice cream on friday, opening day. winter winds down this year.
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>> it has become a little bit of a game to be the first one. to me, this is a tradition. they have the best ice cream. it is the tradition. sheree: the party is about to get started the parade is led by a goat. it all ends with the first keg blast. it will run through the weekend and you can take part in the
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and the olympics, if you like. it kicks off tomorrow morning and finish with a cold beer. >> the certified most accurate forecast. kevin: it will be a chilly night but at least it will be dry. even tomorrow doesn' t look so bad.
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between about 30 and 35 here. there may be a window of opportunity late tonight where skies may try to clear up some but it will not last very long. across minnesota and iowa, there' s another fast-moving storm center at will dive its way into ohio tomorrow. i don' t think this will be a big deal. matter of fact, worst-case scenario we see showers tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening as the system crosses through the area. it does not have a lot of moisture to work with. i don' t expect a lot of rain but there can be a few passing showers tomorrow. cloudy skies this evening through much of the overnight
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this may be a bit of snow here or there. as we go to the afternoon hours, skies are generally cloudy. highs tomorrow are expected to climb their way to the middle and upper 40' s. it looks like tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, there could be a few passing showers in the area. saturday is just not bright and sunny. 30 for a low tonight, it will be a chilly one. expect mostly cloudy skies. passing showers in the afternoon and evening. more sunshine in there on sunday. and i start. it very springlike. probably climbing close to 70 by
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chance of rain arriving wednesday into thursday and we see the temperatures come down a little bit as we get towards the end of the week. >> you wonder why you would throw fists on a busy street. sheree: the case of road rage caught on camera here. who always involved and how it finally ended. mike: plus, a collectors dream.
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who found sheree: a high school principal' s home goes up in flames and four of his students set the fire. >> the kids lit the fire as retaliation for being suspended. one of the boys in eight grade, the others in high school. >> i can' t imagine anyone with a conscience would do something like this. mike: the fire was set in an outside trashcan and spread to the garage destroying the home and three cars. the principal, wife, daughter , pets all made it out ok.
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people go tilde joe. it started when the driver of an suv got out of his vehicle and began fighting with the man in the passenger seat of the truck. not clear what prompted the physical exchange. the female driver joined in. the fight lasted about 25 seconds before two men intervened. and accused shoplifter did not make a clean getaway. ran into the side of an suv. grandfather' s house finds in a fortune. original tight cop cars dating
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bag and have been verified as the real deal. there are only 15 around the world. the best preserved of the seven cards can easily sell for more than $1 million. as in one card. more than a million dollars. sheree: an emt facing a felony charge after he ripped off his own department for tens of thousands of dollars. mike: what he
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before he disappeared mike: a new twist in the case of an aurora emt that has been missing more than a week. he is now wanted, accused of stealing money from the rescue operation he was treasurer and team member for more than 20 years.
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where he is. aurora emergency rescue is used to responding to emergencies. >> financially rectus tough to take. reporter: especially when it was to the man that was their trusted treasurer.
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>> he said he had a gambling problem. reporter: they met with us today. >> when he found out he was in trouble, he took off. reporter: he admitted to spending the stolen money at casinos. he is accused of stealing more than $106,000 in one year. it' s about half of the emergency squad' s entire budget. while they hope they can keep from going under -- >> it puts the future of the old
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reporter: reporting live, brian hamrick. sheree: if convicted, he could spend up to six years in jail. mike: a train hits an abandoned car. the crash happened about 11:00 or so last night. they stopped the train to move the car off the railroad tracks. sheree: a man is treasury' s rating a man he was supposed to be taking care of. timothy touched the victim of a man was undressing. he then forced the victim into sex acts. he is indicted on two counts of
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the man accused of groping patients at hospital will spend an additional month in jail. mark rivers was a patient when he touched one victim in her bed while she was sleeping. he will have to register as a sex offender once he is released. mike: a dad has pleaded guilty to child endangering. he was on heroin when he crashed his car with a young child inside. he drove over a bank and passed out over the front seat. a judge sentenced harding to 180 days in jail. sheree: more presidential delegates on the line this week. wlwt' s todd dykes joining us with more. reporter: kentucky takes its turn in a political spotlight
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the republican party is hours away from holding a presidential caucus. how it will turn out is anybody' s guess. it came about because of this man. senator paul asked to hold a caucus of the could make a run for the white house. even though rand paul is out of the race, the caucus continues. the gop caucus chair for boone county has been making sure the site is ready for saturday when delegates will be divided among the presidential candidates. >> it is long selected before we even walk into the location.
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reporter: counties will have one caucus site. but don' t confuse kentucky' s caucus with images from iowa where the process can involve lengthy conversations. >> that is not what will occur in kentucky. >> they' ll have the option of walking straight to the ballot boxing choosing their candidate with minimal interaction. >> no one will be hounding you for your vote. reporter: voters can take part in an exit interview if they want. the last question very important. there are really no advertising dollars so it is not clear if all gop voters in northern kentucky even know there is going to be a caucus. sheree: when it comes to delegates, kentucky is not a winner take all state. data dates that get 5% of the vote tomorrow will get a proportional share of the
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s 46 total delegates. republicans are back on the campaign trail after last nights debate that was filled with plenty of mudslinging and name-calling. mike: the fight for delegates drawing fresh fire between the candidates. sally kidd has the latest. reporter: donald trump' s opponents are hammering away as him as unfit to be president and trump is hitting back. >> the lies. i never saw a guy lie like this guy. >> donald trump embodies the washington corruption. >> anyone who thinks the nuclear triad it was a rock band is not qualified to be the commander-in-chief. reporter: marco rubio focused on kansas. >> my campaign has not been
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in crisis. a pitch. welfare, taxes. reporter: looking ahead to michigan. >> mexico is becoming the car capital of the world. reporter: also campaigning in the green state -- >> american workers are the best in the world. reporter: bernie sanders rallied illinois college students. >> education and jobs. not more jails and not more incarceration. reporter: they hold their next debate sunday night in flint ahead of the tuesday primary where 130 delegates are at
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mike: he doesn' t believe any candidate will get the minimum number of delegates. a brokered convention is unlikely. they will try to block a trump nomination. speculation the last couple of days. ben carson is out of the race. the announcement came during a speech at the conservative political action conference that was expected . sheree: private schools would be allowed to follow different
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mike: job and reported january' s rate rising .1% since december and the number of unemployed workers also went up. ohio' the national average. a new study supporting the zika virus causes birth the cells develop. doctors followed 808i, most testing positive for zika. and even miscarriages. mike: 60 people are sick after eating at a restaurant in dayton, ohio. a place called lucky' s taproom and eatery.
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tested the restaurant and don' t expect results till next week. lucky' s owner closed the restaurant to sanitize it. they plan to reopen this weekend. boeing testing a way to make airplane bathrooms a little less icky. you don' t hear me say that often. technical term. filing a pass for a self-cleaning laboratory using uv light. it would light up the entire space for three seconds. the light would not be harmful to passengers. the idea is still in the testing phase and hopefully it will make the bathrooms bigger, too. sheree: the northgate mall and forcing a policy to stop crowds of kids and teenagers from getting rowdy. the first family evening is tonight. anyone younger than 17 will need to be with someone 21 and older. it will have to have an id with them, too.
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after they said the teenagers were acting "belligerent." mike: and i found and questions involving the murder of the wife of o.j. simpson. sheree: why police did not know about the knife for decades. mike: the leaders of the islamic headquarters and community reacting to that crime in indiana. kevin: today did not feel much at all like spring with temperatures in the mid-30' s. we will watch for improvement over the weekend. we will talk about the climbing
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you are sheree: a knife could be connected to the death of o.j. simpson' s wife nicole and her friend. mike: talking about ronald goldman. chris has the investigation. reporter: a small life is being
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to the murders of o.j. simpson' s former wife and her friend ron goldman. >> they will study it. reporter: police confirmed the story that a former lapd traffic cop turned the knife over to detectives. a construction worker gave him the knife. >> he claimed an individual that said he was a construction worker provided him with this knife claiming it was found on the property. reporter: a jury acquitted simpson of all charges in 1995. instead, it remained open.
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been. mike: he' s in t be retried for the murders. mike: the knife was found years ago possibly during the demolition of the property. still unclear of the former officer that held onto that knife could now be charged. sheree: a community showing support for muslims after vandals targeted an islamic center. they caught the vandals spray painting the national headquarters in plainfield, indiana. they painted profanity and connected american muslims to isis. religious leaders condemned the act but thanked the community.
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for highlighting the fact that the bond between muslims and their fellow americans and the bonds between muslims and their brothers and sisters in other faiths is stronger than the bond between spray paint and brick. sheree: the fbi is investigating the vandalism as a hate crime but police do not have any leads just yet. kevin: it is going to be a chilly one out but at least it' s dry this evening. stars are limited but you don' t have to worry about anything falling from the cloud cover out there. temperatures will hover between 30 and 35 for a good part of the night tonight. and by the time you join us for news five at 11:00, temperatures will be close to freezing. here' s a look at your weather
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we' ve got the opportunity for a few showers on saturday. i don' t think saturday is a bad day. just know that tomorrow, there could be a few passing showers. next week, very springlike around here. probably even teetering on 70 degrees. it could be a distant memory next week. hovering in the mid-30' s. a light west wind giving us a wind chill. temperatures are much milder. we will gradually cut again some
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we should see a nice jump in temperatures. as a lookup strain -- look up stream, it doesn' t have a lot of moisture to work with. it' s not terribly strong and it will actually be weakening as we move towards the ohio valley. this is the saturday system that will bring us clouds. there' s not much really happening at this time. we may see some of the low cloud cover. there may be a stray flurry here or there or a sprinkle. everything that comes down tomorrow should be on the light side. you can see there' s not a lot
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you don' t see anything terribly in the red is so it will be light activity. temperatures are not going to budge all that much. expect mostly cloudy conditions to continue. and milder tomorrow, look for an afternoon high . i won' t rule out tomorrow. just not sunny and warm. down for the 30.
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monday and tuesday, very nice for outdoor activities. wednesday not looking so bad. mike: a special offer.
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mike: attention parents with young kids, the greatest show on earth returns to u.s. bank arena. sheree: it includes acrobats and strong man. mike: the state is offering two
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the last weekend of april. use the promo code spring of 2016 when you reserve. sheree: you can enjoy virtual reality at six flags. samsung is helping the chain rollout virtual reality. there will a new revolution virtual-reality experience. the others will get a superman virtual-reality. you will need to be 13 years old. mike: you will soon be able to watch the latest star wars
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sheree: and the mother accused of making up a story that her
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sheree: just hours before the could have been prevented. kids. sheree: the lesson he says this can serve to other parents. a warning to butler county parents as to other students are school shooting. sheree: the sheriff says threats and crimes in school will not be tolerated. the very latest on the investigation. reporter: these documents were just released to me. 20 witnesses identified austin
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investigators seized for knives, a bb gun, and electronics from his home. >> today is a lesson for everybody. reporter: if you see something, say something or you can be charged. >> you don' t want to end up having to go to court and be stuck with something like this. reporter: they will be facing a judge because investigators say they knew that austin hancock brought a gun to school monday morning. >> individuals saw this weapon and did not report that there was a weapon. reporter: they' ve been charged with failure to report a crime. a misdemeanor. >> you start running right from wrong when you turn 12. they know. reporter: the shooting could'


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